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How to Choose your Business Headset

STYLE The initial decision faced by someone buying a headset may well be whether to buy a one eared ( monaural ) or two eared ( binaural ) headset. Basically a monauralRead More...
By : B4H | May 26, 2017

Top 10 Headsets for Small Business

For anyone who, at work, needs to talk to people on the phone a headset delivers great freedoms; it frees your hands up to perform other duties; it allows computer use andRead More...
By : B4H | Oct 19, 2015

Jabra Evolve Headsets Review

We love headsets for the way in which they allow us to work and communicate simultaneously, how they make your working day easier and more efficient. Well along comes Jabra and makesRead More...
By : B4H | Oct 7, 2015

Avalle Verso Headset

The world of business is littered with disruptive leaps in technological advance an no sector has been party to as many such jumps as that of communications. The world of the traditionalRead More...
By : B4H | May 22, 2015

Top Microsoft Lync Headsets

Microsoft Lync provides a Unified Communications platform allowing a business to coordinate its communications across multiple devices and presenting a seamless experience for all. Naturally headsets are a prime human interface deviceRead More...
By : B4H | May 8, 2015

The NEW Plantronics CS540 convertible DECT wireless headset

Plantronics have brought out the latest member of its cordless headset range. The Plantronics CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the Plantronics CS500 Series. TheRead More...
By : B4H | Sep 20, 2011

Plantronics launch the Blackwire C210 and C220

A recent bulletin from Plantronics announced the launch of the Blackwire C210 and Blackwire C220 UC headsets on the business headsets market. Designed as direct replacements for the Plantronics .Audio 610 monoRead More...
By : B4H | Jun 30, 2010

Plantronics – New .Audio Headsets / End of the Entera Bulk Pack

The recent news from Plantronics is that they are launching two new .Audio headset models while doing away with the Entera headset Bulk Packs. The Plantronics .Audio 400 and Plantronics .Audio 476Read More...
By : B4H | Jun 7, 2010
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