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Q. What does the 'N' stand for in AV601N?
The "N" tells you this headset has a Noise Cancelling Microphone.

Q. What are the main differences between the AV501N and AV502N Headsets?
The AV501N is a Monaural (Single Ear) - Ideal for users who need to stay in contact with colleagues around them. The AV502N is a Binaural (Two Ear) headset - Ideal for user who need their full concentration on the call.

Q. What is the difference between the AV502N and the AV602N?
The AV602N has been designed for more intensive daily use. The AV602N has improved build and audio quality allowing it to be used in demanding environments like call centres.

Q. I've lost / damaged my voice tube, can this be replaced or do I need to buy a new headset?
The Avalle voice tube can be replaced if lost or broken.

Q. Can I use the Avalle headset series with my computer?
The Avalle Defero USB 1 and Avalle Defero USB 2 are ready for use with a PC. If you would like to use any other Avalle headset with your computer you'll need a Avalle AV02 USB Lead.

Q. Can I use Avalle headsets with Apple Products?

Q. I require a wireless headset, do Avalle offer a wireless headset solution?
There are no wireless Avalle headset available.

Q.Do I have to take my Avalle headset off to leave my desk?
All Avalle telephone headset are equipped with "QD" (Quick Disconnect) connection point.


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