Behind the Head Headsets

Headset Buyers Guide Behind the ear headsets utilise a band that goes round the back of the neck to secure the earpiece to the users ear. With this design, the user gets the firm hold of the over the ear headset but not the inconvenience of having a headband resting on the top of their head.

A Behind the Ear headset such as the Plantronics CS70N DECT Wireless Headset - Refurbished consists of a an earpiece with microphone boom attached that is fastened to the head by a band that sits behind the head. This avoids the sometimes uncomfortable feeling of wearing a headband on top of the head but stills offers the firm fit that a headband offers. Additionally, the same features that an over the head headset provides can be incorporated in the behind the ear headset.

Things to Consider When Buying

Two major considerations in take into account are weight and whether the headset is a comfortable fit. The lighter the headset construction, the less stressful it will be to wear it especially if you are planning to use the headset all day. The headset should also fit so that it doesn't prove to be uncomfortable. A flexible headband will aid with this point as will the type of earpiece used.

Some Behind the Head Headsets