Behind the Head Headsets for Business

Neckband / Behind the Head Headsets

Not as popular as Over-The-Head or Over-The-Ear, neckband headsets normally have a thick but flexible band that connects to two ear-pieces. The neckband goes behind the head and around the neck unlike the traditional headband headsets.

Things to Consider

Speaker Type

In-Ear & On-Ear Neckbands are currently proving popular. In-Ear have better ambient noise cancelling properties where as on On-Ear neckband allow you to be more aware of your surroundings. Consider the type of environment you will be working in.


Whether you're buying just for yourself, or deploying a number of headsets for employees, be sure to choose a neckband with that offers a durable and robust construction. Neckband headsets tend to be harder to store and subsequently breakages can occurred.

Comfortable fit

The lighter the headset construction, the less stressful it will be to wear especially if you are planning to use the headset all day. Users with longer hair may favour the neckband wearing style as it reduces the risk of getting hair tangled.


  • Eliminates headband resting on top of head
  • Different speaker types
  • Same audio technology as headband headsets


  • Difficult to store
  • Cheaper models may be uncomfortable
  • Heavier than over the ear models

Some Behind the head Headsets