Binaural Headsets

Headset Buyers Guide Binaural headset offer great sound quality due to the twin earpieces which allow the headset wearer to totally focus on the incoming conversation. Binaural headsets useful in call centres and aviation environments as well.

With a binaural headset such as the Avalle AV502N Binaural Professional Noise Cancelling Headset or the Plantronics HW261N Supraplus Wideband Binaural NC Headset, the two earpieces work to isolate the sound of the conversation and block out any distractions from a noisy environment. This is ideal for busy call centres, pilots and other airport staff. The construction of a binaural headset generally consists of a headband that fits over the head, an earpiece on either ear and then a microphone boom that is attached to one of the earpieces.

Things to Consider When Buying

Weight should be a consideration when choosing a binaural headset as a heavy headset can prove to be cumbersome and uncomfortable over prolonged periods of wearing. As with other headsets styles, be sure that you get the most for your money. noise cancelling a moldable microphone boom and the mobility that the headset gives either due to the ease of disconnection the headset gives or whether it's actually a wireless headset that offers free roaming connectivity.