Binaural Headsets

Binaural Headsets

Binaural headsets offer excellent passive noise cancelling properties as they cover both ears. This ideal for call centres and other environments which have a lot of background noise.

Things to Consider

Noise Cancelling

Like most headsets, Binaural headsets can come with with either a Voice Tube or a Noise Cancelling microphone. If working in a loud environment then a Noise Cancelling microphone will be necessary where as in a quieter environment this may not be needed.


Binaural headsets are slightly heavier than the Monaural alternative. Consider weight before choosing; the heavier the headset the more likely it will be cumbersome and impracticable for all day use. Download the product data sheet to find out the weight.


If you're using a deskphone remember to check the compatibility before purchasing. QD headsets will require a connection lead in order to work. You can check the compatibility by visiting our Telephone Headset compatibility guide or contacting our team.


  • Covers both ears cutting out background noise
  • Enables better concentration and focus


  • Heavier than other wearing styles
  • Harder to hear nearby colleagues

Some Binaural Headsets