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EPOS | Sennheiser ADAPT 200 Bluetooth Headsets

The EPOS | SENNHEISER ADAPT 200 range of Bluetooth headsets comprises 4 variants which are, Monaural ( one-eared ) , Binaural ( two-eared ) with an option of either USB-A ( normal ) or the more compact USB-C dongle connection.
The headsets are Microsoft Teams certified and UC optimized and benefit from EPOS Voice™ technology and noise cancellation – ensuring a distraction free calling experience at all times.


The EPOS | SENNHEISER ADAPT 200 Series of headsets allow connection ( via Bluetooth ) to two devices simultaneously so that one can easily switch between mobile device and telephone whilst working. A dedicated Teams button supports one touch access to Microsoft Teams Meetings.

ADAPT 230 ( USB-A )

ADAPT 260 ( USB-A )

ADAPT 231 ( USB-C )

ADAPT 261 ( USB-C )

We see that this range of headsets is perfectly suited for anyone who works from home or in an office. They are built from premium materials and are lightweight with comfortable ear pads. They can be worn all day quite happily.
If you require more range on a headset you may prefer a DECT version, but the ADAPT 200s will easily allow movement within a small office area without dropping your call.
As for the choice of which model to go for, many recent devices have dropped the traditional USB-A connection to replace it with USC-C – so if you have a recently purchased laptop or PC you may require the ADAPT 231 or 261 models. Regarding the number of earpieces – that is a personal choice. Of course if you are planning on listening to music the stereo models will be the obvious choice. Many people working in offices do, though, like the one eared option as it allows for greater awareness of the local environment or to chat to colleagues without removing your headset.