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Jabra Engage 55 – DECT Headset

We love the latest headset from Jabra – the Jabra Engage 55 – but why ?

Well, to start, Jabra make some very good headsets for business from the Engage range to the Evolve and Evolve2 models. I have enjoyed their Bluetooth models very much but have, of late, with working from home a regular occurrence yearned for a simple DECT headset. DECT gives a far better range so there is no chance of dropping a call / or missing a call should one pop to the toilet or go to make a coffee. Working from home, you see, is a privilege, and missing a call when working from home gives off all the wrong signals.

For a start, the first thing we would like to highlight is the very portability of the headset. It comes with a DECT dongle ( a USB DECT adapter ) which requires no additional power supply ( unlike most DECT base stations ) so allowing simple connection to a laptop or PC.

The ultra-secure wireless adapter for Engage 55 is DECT Security certified. But because your data security is so important to us, we go beyond the DECT Security Step C level with additional FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption algorithms, to prevent eavesdropping and keep conversations secure.


The Jabra Engage 55 is available in three differing wearing styles :


One eared headset to allow communications with those around you.


Two eared headset for improved focus and concentration.

Over the ear

A more minimalistic wearing style for comfort and accessibility
It is also available in various models which give the option of wearing style, Teams Certification ( as opposed to normal UC ); one or two ears or the inclusion of a desktop charging stand. Each of these is available with either USB-A or USB-C connections.

What else do we like about the Jabra Engage 55?

Audio – Sound is very important for a headset : the Engage 55 has a top of the range noise cancelling microphone which minimises the interference of background noise. Wideband audio is enhanced via the high quality speakers.

Durability – The headset is built from high quality materials and comfortable ear cushions which fit neatly on the head without applying pressure. The headset is also very flexible and unlikely to break.

Talk Time – The Engage also delivers an impressive 13 hours of battery life with out a charge.

Ease of Use – The Engage 55 works seamlessly with all Unified Communications platforms as well as having dedicated Microsoft Teams variants.

Buy The Jabra Engage 55

If you are interested in buying the Jabra Engage 55 headset then either buy it online directly or get in touch with our team.