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Jabra Headsets for Students

Jabra Biz 1100 EDU
The pandemic has changed the way in which teachers and students interact. Many aspects of remote learning have become the new normal over the last two years and engagement and focus are one of the primary stress points. For this reason Jabra have brought us the Jabra Biz 1100 EDU headset which has been specifically designed to allow students to concentrate on a remote lesson whilst enjoying superb audio.

The Jabra Biz 1100 EDU headsets are binaural ( two earpieces ) and combine ease of use ( plug and play 3.5mm connection ), durability, comfort and high grade noise cancellation, really making this a great headset choice for a student studying at home. They are fully compatible with Chromebooks.

On average, educators spend 3-4 hours a day in lectures with students

Teachers need to keep students engaged when teaching remotely

44 % of students are not satisfied with the audio or video quality of remote learning classes

features people seek for meetings are sound quality & comfort

If you are a school or university or even a single tutor, feel free to get in touch with us for headsets which are suitable for remote classes and lectures.

Jabra also have a range of alternative solutions here.

Top marks for comfort.
The Biz 1100 EDU is built for comfort, with a feather-light, ergonomically designed frame and soft leatherette cushions, so they can focus on what they’re learning and not what they’re wearing.
Lightweight design = less distractions. Not from their headset anyway