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New Blue Parrott Headsets for Driving

From GN Netcom

An interesting new product for the UK is the Blue Parrott line of headsets. These are headsets primarily designed for long term use and offer astounding talk time as well as superb sound. These headsets are not your traditional office headset, they are for wearing on the road or out on foot.


With a large padded speakers to cut out up to 91% of background noise the BlueParrott headsets are great for noisy environments. They are extremely popular for long distance drivers – due to their comfort and lengthy talk time and also have become popular for people working in warehouses due to both their range, the option to stream from multiple devices and their talk time.

Our BlueParrott® line, long the favourite of professional truck drivers, is strong and stable enough for life on the road, anywhere you go.

If you would like more information on Blue Parrott headsets for your workplace or business, feel free to call us on 0844 854 6580use the form here – or view all our Blue Parrott Headsets here