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Wireless Duplex Short Range Communications
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In a tactical environment where multiple parties are required to communicate in the absence of an established radio or intercom 3M Peltor have created a groundbreaking solution for person to person and group collaboration. These new features are NIB ( Natural Interaction Behaviour ) and MAP ( Mission Audio Profiles ).

Naturally the base function of the ComTac VI NIB Headsets is to protect the hearing and the slim shelled, noise attenuating ear cups provide high levels of auricular protection whilst allowing communications. These communications are allowed by virtue of a digital audio circuit integrated into the headset and connected to an external microphone. Any sounds which surpass safe levels are suppressed to a safe level.
Similarly low level sounds which may be desirable, in a tactical situation are amplified.


The NIB concept encompasses a behaviour which allows natural face to face communications within close range in noisy environments. As long as individuals are in close range ( 5m radius ) they are able to communicate. Up to 4 participants can talk, with full duplex, within a 3-5 meter radius. NIB users withing a 10 meter radius will enjoy listen only privileges.


Mission Audio Profiles allow the environmental listening to be adjusted according to the mission’s requirements.
In some instances the majority of background noise maybe undesirable.
In extreme covert or tactical situations it may be a requirement to be able to hear a twig break.

The 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ VI NIB Headset offers a hands-free adaptive VOX capability allowing face to face communication in full duplex for up to four talkers and up to sixty listeners within a 10 meter radius. This significantly increases the ability to communicate when on a boat, in tactical vehicles, aircraft, even in a loud small arms conflict without the need for tactical radio or intercom.
This ability is the first of its kind in the tactical communications market.

3M Peltor


  • Hearing Protection
  • NIB – Natural Interaction Behaviour
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Earplug Mode
  • Auto Power Off
  • Wireless Input via MI
  • MAP – Mission Audio Profile
  • Tested to Military Standards – NATO versions
  • Battery Life ( 2 AA Batteries ) – up to 50 hours.
  • MI – Magnetic induction Input


So, with this new product range, and the intrinsic value of the NIB and MAP combined 3M Peltor™ have brought a highly specialised communications facility aimed at enhancing the effectiveness and safety of tactical teams.

The Peltor ComTac VI NIB Headsets are suitable for any team working in noisy environments who require close quarter comms, be it tactical, military or emergency services. We are sure that many other applications will evolve from this innovative concept.