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Peltor Electronic Ear Plugs for Work

Unobtrusive Hearing Protection from 3M

Ok – we all know ( or should know ) that in many workplace and industrial situations it is imperative to provide hearing protection for workers. This is obligatory for the employer – and a good idea for the worker. Peltor, a 3M subsidiary, are world leaders in technology which not only protects the hearing, but allows various levels of communications.

Many of the most well known models by Peltor are the Ear Defenders – these are large, over ear headsets which offer physical protection to varying attenuation levels.

However there are also much smaller Peltor products available, less obtrusive than the ear defenders and more discreet. One such product is the 3M™ PELTOR™ EEP-100 EU Electronic Ear Plug. It is a very small and lightweight ear plug which has been designed for use in construction, maintenance and even shooting scenarios.

A bit like Apple ear buds it comes in a charging case with a choice of ear plug attachments. Because of their size they are able to be worn easily with any helmet or other protective gear.

Key Features

• Helps provide hearing protection
• Level-dependent function (for situational awareness)
• Intuitive one-button operation
• Rechargeable
• Durable storage and charging case (IP54)
• Small and lightweight design
• Compatible with most head borne 3M Personal Protective Equipment

Peltor Ear Plugs Video