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With Peltor Ear Defenders

Many industrial situations require both ear protection from constant or loud sounds whilst also offering the facility to communicate. Communication in the workplace has important ramifications in terms of both safety and efficiency. If you are working in an area where there is heavy machinery or hazardous processes it just would not be a good idea to be shut off from the world. For sure if you work in a data centre you may wish to wear ear defenders to protect from the constant background noise but you may well not have the need to communicate with others and a listen only may suffice.


The WS Litecom Ear defender supports the addition of a helmet and offers a high level of ear protection. This headset is particularly well suited to industrial of construction environments. It allows connection to Bluetooth devices as well as a push to talk two way radio communication.


If you are involved in heavy industry where there is an actual risk of explosion ( due to vapour, liquids or dust ) you will be required to use an ATEX Certified headset – as with its non ATEX version it supports Bluetooth and Push to Talk – Walkie Talkie type communications.


Whilst Peltor’s Workstyle Alert does not, itself, offer integral communications this headset will not only protect the ears ( and by virtue of its very visible colouration make the wearer ver visible ). This headset connects with a PMR ( Personal Mobile Radio ) via a lead ( model specific ) and has a Push to Talk button on its shell.


This headset provides what could be termed three way communications. Not only is it capable of connecting to systems and devices vie either Bluetooth or DECT but these ear defenders offer active ear protection – allowing local voice communications via the headset microphone – shutting off all aural ingress immediately a potentially damaging ( loud ) sound is encountered

These are but a small selection of the ear defenders which allow speech communication whilst providing a high level of hearing protection. 3M is a world leading designer and manufacturer of safety products for a myriad of applications.

Best4Headsets is a Platinum Distributor of Peltor Headsets and has supplied ear protection solutions to many businesses in the UK and beyond.

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