The Jabra Link 950 - Connects

The Jabra Link 950 allows the connection of a USB headset to a traditional deskphone  – this means that a user of a softphone can also use a deskphone at the same time – allowing for a less painful transition between the two.




36% of businesses are moving from the traditional deskphone to the screen based softphone or are planning to do so in the near future.


8% of businesses are worried about losing their deskphones as they are a familiar piece of technology and feel the need to have the option to connect to both desk and softphone at the same time.


Over 30% of companies still use desktop telephones exclusively

for now

Whilst a business is moving from deskphone to softphone ( such as in Unified Communications ) there can be a teething period when there is a negative impact on productivity . The Jabra Link 950 has been designed and engineered to bridge that gap – allowing connection to both platforms simultaneously.

The Jabra Link 950 provides the best in design and function to allow no drop in productivity or staff satisfaction during the transition period.


Allows the connection of any headset with your deskphone ( or softphone and deskphone ) – not only allowing the convenience but also allowing one to choose almost any headset for your work.

Future Proof

The Jabra Link 950 can be remotely upgraded ( firmware ) allowing constant improvements to the performance and function of the device.


With a small footprint, easy to set up and a simple one touch operation the Jabra Link 950 is intuitive and simple to use.


The Link 950 comes in two models – USB-A and the ( more modern ) USB-C variants allowing connection to all USB compatible systems.


The Link 950 is fully compatible with all leading platforms. The addition of an EHS adapter will enable full call control over nearly all deskphone models.

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