Aliph, the brand that creates the Jawbone products, has launched their latest model of wireless headset, the Jawbone Icon.

It has been released on January 18, and it is the first headset to provide a personalized user experience, thanks to its “intelligent Bluetooth”.

Smaller that previous models of wireless headsets, the Icon’s most innovative feature is that it allows users to access their website software platform through MyTalk service. This is a great way to customize our headset, giving us access to easy-to-use intelligent functions such as free directory assistance, voice-to-SMS, voice dial or displaying for the status of the battery next to the one on the iPhone.

Another interesting feature that Aliph is offering in private beta version, allow users to change the voice prompts of their headset, as well as assigning a “Voice App” shortcut that can be installed via Jawbone’s own MyTalk Web site.

The sound quality in itself is outstanding. This headset not only can accurately separate speech from ambient noise, it also has even better background noise elimination than the previous generation. NoiseAssasin™ 2.0 technology removes effectively the background noise while keeping the user’s voice natural.

The Aliph Jawbone Icon comes in a variety of beautiful colours and designs; and includes 6 different ear buds and an optional ear loop, so everyone can enjoy a comfortable fit.