The New Jabra Engage 50

The headset for the digital contact centre

Latest in Jabra’s Engage Series of call centre headsets is the Jabra Engage 50 ( available in both stereo and mono options ) – the Engage 50 has been designed for the digital contact centre and promises to deliver an improved agent focus along with superior sound – all leading to better productivity and client experience.

High sound quality is achieved by virtue of a novel triple microphone set up which actively filters background noise whilst suppressing breathing noise from the operator. Full wideband stereo will make the agent feel as if they are in the same room as the customer.

The earcups have integrated multi colour status lights which allow one’s colleagues to see whether you are engaged on a call or not.

It is a wired headset with intuitive and powerful inline call controls and has the facility to send call analytic data to the system administrator.

Jabra Engage 50 Video

A wonderful addition to the Engage Series ( which have replaced the very popular Jabra 9400 Series ), the Jabra Engage 50 is the perfect business headset for deployment in a busy contact or call centre – offering ease of use and quality of service.
Features category-first USB-C for easy connection to PC and mobile devices and with USB-A connectivity available as an accessory.