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The 3M Peltor WS Alert X

With the 3M Peltor WS Alert Headset you are able to communicate with colleagues whilst protecting the ears from noise, and the head from injury.

What the WS Alert X does is to provide ear protection whilst connecting via Bluetooth to a mobile phone for hands free calls or music. The microphone allows whilst supporting situational awareness via noise cancellation with a push to listen button.

This makes the WS Alert X and incredibly useful product for anyone who works in a noisy ( or occasionally noisy ) environment and who needs to be connected to their mobile phone. So, for people involved in construction such as builders, painters, roofers or industries such as farming the double bonus of allowing remote and close contact communications and protecting the hearing.

The headset/ ear defender is available in two styles : a traditional over the head headband style or a helmet mount – allowing headsets/ helmet combination for additional protection.




Main Features

  • Attenuating hearing protector comes in two models: headband or a safety helmet attachment
  • Bluetooth® technology for connection to an external Bluetooth® device allows for hands-free talking and streaming
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone for clear speech transmission in noisy environments
  • Level-dependent function for ambient listening to help promote auditory situational awareness
  • Connection to an iOS and Android compatible mobile app, 3M™ Connected Equipment, to more easily set-up and adjust the headset. The app is available to download from App Store and Google Play.
  • Mobile app allows you to receive reminders when to change replacement cushions (hygiene kit) and choose the frequency of these alerts
  • Push-to-Listen feature to easily and instantaneously listen to your surroundings
  • Voice guided feedback after setting adjustment. No need to remove the headset for any adjustments
  • The headset will automatically turn off after four hours of non-use to save battery life
  • Low-battery warning at low battery level
  • To reduce the corrosion caused by sweat the electronics are located in the outer part of the cup
  • Replaceable cushions (hygiene-kit)
  • Replaceable covers so you can change to your own choice of colour