Convertible Headsets

Headset Buyers GuideConvertible headsets are designed in such a way to enable them to be worn in a number of fashions. On the ear, behind the head and over the head are the three main ways a telephone headset can be attached to the users head. With a convertible headset you are supplied with accessories so that you can change the style in which you wear it to suit your taste.

A convertible headset such as the Plantronics H171 DuoPro Monaural Headset or the Plantronics HW540 Convertible Headsets comes with a number of accessories depending on the interchangeable styles it can accommodate. A detachable headband is usually supplied and if the headset can been converted to both over the head and behind the head designs, the headband can usually be locked into either of those styles. The convenience and flexibility that a convertible headset offers make it a surefire hit with headset users.

Things to Consider When Buying

Make sure the build and method of converting the headset are of good quality. If you are likely to interchange the styles frequently the last thing you would want is for the headset to suffer under the stress of the changes. As with most headsets, do consider the weight of the headset for comfort purposes, how the headset fits when in on the ear mode and also what sound improvement features are present.