Headset Connection Leads

Headset Buyers Guide Good Headset Connection leads are vital to maintain optimum sound quality between the headset and the telephone unit without any background hiss or annoying crackle when the lead is moved. All major headset manufacturers design high quality leads, such as the Plantronics SB Connection Lead or the Avalle Smart Connection Lead, to be of varying length and for different purposes so that you can get the most out of your headset.

Unless the headset you are using is wireless or if the headset already has a connection lead built into it, you are going to have to purchase a Headset connection lead to be able to receive calls that come through via the telephone set or communication device you are using. As mentioned, all major manufacturers offer leads for their headsets. Some also offer leads that allow a second headset to be connected so that a third person can join the conversation. This aspect is particularly useful to training staff as it allows them to listen in and advise their trainees.

Things to Consider When Buying

Make sure the headset connection leads you are buying is compatible with your headset. If in doubt, do contact Best4Headsets for advise. Other factors you should consider are the length of the lead and whether it is suitable for your purposes. No need to purchase an adapter lead to allow a second headset to be connected if you are never going to take advantage of that feature.