Headset Voice Tubes

Headset Buyers Guide It is important to make sure that if using a telephone headset you able to be understood clearly by the person at the other end of the line. To improve the clarity of sound in a telephone headset, a number of Headset Voice Tubes have been designed to ensure as clear a transmission of the headset user's voice as possible.

Headset voice tubes can aid the headset user by ensuring that as clear a signal can be received by the person at the other end of the line as possible. They are less sensitive than noise cancelling microphones and as such the volume levels and sound quality do not suffer as much when they are out of position (a common occurence especially if the user is continually removing their headset throughout the day). To ensure the best performance from your telephone headset, do replace the headset voice tube every 6 months.

Things to Consider When Buying

Obviously compatibility is the main issue in choosing a headset voice tube. Be sure that you get the right voice tube for your chosen headset. If you are in doubt, do contact Best4Headsets for advice.