In Line Volume Headset

Headset Buyers Guide In-line Volume Headsets have a volume control that is built into the headset lead. It provides an easy and convenient way to adjust the volume of the incoming signal to a comfortable level without the need for attaching an amplifier unit or other additional accessory.

There are a number of in-line volume headsets available from the major headset manufacturers. With an in-line volume control, you need not reach over to adjust the volume of the incoming signal. A volume control is built into the lead and can sit either on your lap or can be clipped to your clothing. A simple, practical and ergonomic design that reduces the stresses of bad posture in work.

Things to Consider When Buying

As in-line volume control is a feature on a headset, it is probably best to look at other aspects of a headset to determine which would be right for you. Do you prefer Monaural or Binaural headsets? Do you want noise cancelling and a flexible boom microphone? Which style do you prefer - Over the head, Over the Ear, Behind the head or In the ear? All these options are available for you to choose. Be sure you get the headset that suits your needs.