In the Ear Headsets

Headset Buyers Guide The in the ear headset takes the innovative design of the over the ear headset and combines it with the classic in the ear headphone to further minimise the weight and size aspects of the telephone headset.

The In The Ear headset is based on the same idea of the Over the Ear headset. Models such as the EPOS | Sennheiser ADAPT 460T MS USB Headset has been designed to minimise the weight size and thus the weight of the headset so that the user experience is one of increased comfort. The make up of an in the ear headset consists of an earpiece that fits into the ear for improved clarity of sound, a microphone which is attached to the earpiece and an earloop or headband to secure the headset to the users head.

Things to Consider When Buying

The main aspects to look at with an In The Ear Headset is comfort. For a headset that is based around an earpiece that fits in to your ear, it is vital that the earpiece is comfortable to wear and will not become an annoyance over time especially if you are going to be wearing the headset throughout the day. Other considerations to take into account are features of the headset remembering that in the ear headset can be quite compact and as such may not have features that larger over the head or over the ear headsets have.

Advantages and Disadvantages of In the Ear Headsets

We have put together a brief list of points to take into consideration to aid you in choosing the right in the ear headset for you.

  • Discreet
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Good sound quality
  • Earpiece may be uncomfortable
  • May lack certain features
  • Not as secure as over the head headsets