Jabra Pro 9400 Headset Series FAQs

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Q. I need a Headset I can connect to my desk phone, PC and mobile. What headset would you recommend?
The Jabra Pro 9465 and Jabra Pro 9470 both have triple connectivity.

Q. What is the difference between the Jabra Pro 9450 Mono and Jabra Pro 9460 Mono?
The Jabra Pro 9460 has a touch screen base.

Q. What Does "Mono" and "Duo" stand for?
"Mono" indicates it is a Monaural headset and Duo indicates it is a Binaural headset.

Q. Will the Jabra Pro series work with my current telephone?
Depending on the type of telephone you have you might need EHS or a Handset Lifter. Visit our Headset Compatibility Guide.

Q. Do the Jabra Pro series come with a PSU?

Q. What is the wireless range of these headsets?
The Jabra Pro 9400 series has a maximum of 150 meters wireless DECT range.

Q. Is it better to have foam or leatherette ear cushions?
Leatherette ear cushions provide slightly better external noise cancellation, but its really down to what you prefer the feel of.


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