Noise Cancelling Headsets

Noise Cancelling Headsets

Noise cancelling technology isolates your voice and stops unwanted background noise from interrupting conversations. Most headsets come with a NC microphone as standard or have an option available if required.

Noise cancelling works in two ways. Passive noise cancellation for the user by covering both ears (Binaural headsets) and active noise cancellation for the participant where the microphone isolates the user's voice and cuts out background noise.

Things to Consider

Active or Passive

Base your decision on what type of environment you'll be working in, for example users in busy office environments may benefit from a Binaural noise cancelling headset where as in a quiet home office scenario a standard Monaural headset could be most cost effective.


Noise cancelling headsets feature more advanced technology than standard headsets and the price can often be reflected in this. Consider refurbished headsets as an eco-friendly, cost effective purchase. All our refurbished products come with a 12m warranty

Connectivity & Wearing Style

There is a wide range of noise cancelling headsets to choose from with multiple connectivity and wearing options. Remember if you require a Over-The-Ear / Ear-Hook headset then you will only be able to utilise active noise cancellation.


  • Noise Cancelling can work for both user and participant
  • Consider refurbished options to keep cost down


  • Earhook / Over-The-Ear Headsets only offer Active NC
  • Cost is higher than standard headsets

Some Noise Cancelling Headsets