Headsets with Noise Reduction for the Workplace

Headset Buyers Guide The European Union has recently declared in its Directive 2003/10/EC that from February 2006 there are stringent regulations in place to protect workers from the excessive exposure to potentially damaging noise or sound levels in the workplace.

The Association of British Orchestras (ABO) is fighting to be exempted from this directive under consideration that would place limits on noise in the workplace, hence making trumpet playing against European Law

The Noise Levels and their potential harmful effects have been defined in two ways :

Protection from Acoustic Shock

This is the need for protection against a sharp or load noise such as an explosion or a foghorn.

Protection against Excessive Noise

This is the Protection from background noise, which, even at comparatively low levels is believed to cause cumulative damage to the inner ear.

What Action Should an Employer Take?

In order to comply with these regulations an employer should make their Health and Safety Executive fully aware of the implications of a noisy environment and ensure that employees have suitable ear protection to safeguard against any damage. Download our Advice for employers Guide

Sennheiser Headsets all come with Activegard™ technology
ActiveGard™ is a unique sound compression system consisting of sophisticated electrical circuits which is incorporated into telephone headsets manufactured by Sennheiser Communications. The patented system utilizes compression technologies to remove the energy from an excessive incoming signal transmitted through the telephone system and leaves the signal free of distortion.