Over the Ear Headsets

Headset Buyers GuideA modern and innovative take on the telephone headset design, the over the ear headset is fast becoming the preferred choice by telephone headset users.

Over the ear headsets such as the Plantronics CS540 DECT Cordless Headset and the Sennheiser SH310 Headset have become popular not just with call centre staff but also with executives on the move and the average person on the street. The attraction comes from the fact that the make up of the headset is simply a speaker with built in microphone boom attached to a clip that fits neatly over the top of the earlobe. With this the design, the over the ear headset cuts out the need for a cumbersome headband that over the head headsets use. This design can be found in both call centre headsets and civilian Bluetooth mobile phone headsets.

Things to Consider When Buying

When choosing an over the ear telephone headset be sure it is a comfortable, secure fit. Remember there is no headband to secure the speaker/microphone unit to your head so it is vital that the design of the ear loop is such that you can wear it all day without fear of the headset falling off your ear. Another consideration is size. While smaller headsets are generally lighter, larger headsets may be able to fit in more technology. This shouldn't be too much of a concern though as modern telephone headset technology is getting smaller and more compact as the industry develops.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Over the Ear Headsets

We have put together a brief list of points to take into consideration to aid you in choosing the right over the ear headset for you.

    No Cumbersome Headband
  • Can be Discreetly stored away
  • Very lightweight
  • Earloop is secure
  • No Binaural version
  • Earloop must be secure
  • Non-adjustable boom on some models