Ear- Hook / Over the Ear Headsets

Ear-Hook Headsets

A popular choice for call centre staff, executives on-the-move and the average person on the street. Ear-Hook headsets are a lightweight and stylish alternative to the traditional Over-The-Head (OTH) wearing style. The design is simple; a speaker with built in microphone boom attached to a clip that fits neatly over the top of the earlobe.

Things to Consider

Comfortable, Secure Fit

As there is no headband to secure the speaker/microphone unit to your head it is important that the design of the Ear-Hook is such that you can wear it for prolonged periods of time without fear of the Ear-Hook falling off.


As the majority of Ear-Hook headsets are wireless they tend to offer multiple connectivity options such as a Bluetooth, deskphone and USB. Consider what you need to connect to before buying.


If you're a mobile professional then you'll need to protect your Ear-Hook Headset while you're not using it. Be sure to choose a headset with a portable case, some manufacture even offer a protective charging case.


  • No Cumbersome Headband
  • lightweight
  • Multiple connectivity options


  • Binaural version not available
  • Non-adjustable boom arm
  • Battery life can suffer because of small size

Some Over the Ear Headsets