Over the Head Headsets


By far the most popular of the wearing styles, over-the-head headsets are favored by office professionals, call centres workers and mobile executives alike with the majority of manufacturers offering a cost effect lightweight headset.

Things to Consider


The weight of the headband can significantly alter the experience of wearing the headset over the course of the day so it is worth looking for a headset with a light and robust build.

Noise Cancelling

If you're working in a loud environment it is best to choose a headset with a Noise Cancelling microphone to block ambient noise intruding into conversations.

Monaural / Binaural

Monaural headsets keep an ear free allowing users to communication easily with nearby colleagues. Binaural headsets cover both ears which stops ambient noise distracting for the user.


  • Adjustable headband enables perfect fit
  • Most popular wearing style
  • Suitable for all-day use
  • Monaural / Binaural versions


  • More storage space required
  • Cheaper models may be uncomfortable
  • Headband may get caught in hair
  • Heavier than over the ear models

Some Over the head Headsets