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Q. What is the difference between the ‘HW251’ and the ‘HW261’ headset models?
The HW251 are Monaural (Single Eared) Headsets and the HW261 are Binaural (Two Eared) headsets.

Q. What does the "N" at the end of HW261?
This means the headset has a noise cancelling microphone.

Q. Can I use the Plantronics HW200 series with my PC?
Yes, but you will need a Plantronics DA45 Wideband USB Audio Processor.

Q. Do the Plantronics HW200 series come with a bottom lead or will I need to buy one?
Bottom leads are specific to the telephone you use, you will need the correct lead or your head will not work. use our Plantronics Compatibility Guide or call for help choosing the correct lead.

Q. What does "QD" stand for?
"QD" stands for "Quick Disconnect" - This is the connection point at the bottom of the headset's lead. It allows to leave you desk with having to take your headset off.

Q. Can the Plantronics HW251N be worn over the ear?
No, the HW200 series are all Over-The-Head style headsets.


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