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Q. What does the "V" stand for in Plantronics HW510V?
The "V" stands for "Voice Tube". The HW510V is equipped with a Voice Tube while the HW510 is equipped with a noise cancelling microphone. The is the same for the HW520V and HW520.

Q. What's the differences between the Plantronics HW510 and HW520?
The Plantronics HW510 is a one eared (Monaural) headset and the HW520 a dual eared (Binaural) headset.

Q. Do the Plantronics HW500 series come with a bottom lead?
No you will need to purchase a lead that is compatible with the telephone you will use the headset with. Use our Plantronics Compatibility Guide to find out which lead you need.

Q. Can I use the HW500 series with my PC?
Yes, you will need a Quick Disconnect to USB connection lead.

Q. Do I have to remove the when I leave me desk?
No the handy QD (Quick Disconnect) connection point allows you simply unclip and leave your desk.

Q. Can I have a "Over The Ear" wearing style headset?
Yes, the HW530 is "Over The Ear" and the Plantronics HW540 is fully convertible, meaning it can be worn in "Over The Head", "Behind The Neck" And "Over The Ear".


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