Plantronics Savi W400 Series FAQ's


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Q. What does the "-M" stand for on the end of W710-M?
The "M" Stands for Microsoft Lync. Visit our Glossary Of Headset Terms for more information

Q. Will the Savi W400 series connect to mobile phones and desk phones?
No, The Plantronics Savi W400 series connects to PC and MAC via USB.

Q. Are the ear cushions on models W410 and W420 made from real leather or leatherette?

Q. Whats the difference between the Plantronics W440 and Plantronics W445?
The W445 comes with a deluxe charging base and a spare battery. The Spare battery is charged in while you use the headset, this provides unlimited talk time.

Q. Are the Savi W400 equipped with Noise Canceling microphones?

Q. What wearing styles are there to choose from in the Savi400 range?
Over the head (Monaural & Binaural), In ear and Ear hook.

Q. The battery life of my headset is lower than stated on your website, what should I do?
On the back of the base station there will be two switches, one for "auto answer" and one for "Wideband mode". Turning "Wideband mode" off will significantly increase your headsets battery life. If the issues persists, please contact of customer service team.

Q. What is the wireless range of the Savi W400?
120 meters.


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