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Q. Can I add other headsets to my current call?
Yes, the headset system allows you to have 4 headsets on a single call. The master headset is used to control the call and up to 3 additional guest headsets can be added.

Q. The rechargeable battery runs out extremely quickly even after a lengthy charge, what should I do?
This is most likely an overcharged battery, replace the rechargeable battery and the problem should cease.

Q. My IT department say I need a Microsoft Lync Certified headset, is this available in the DW series?
Yes, Microsoft Lync is support across the DW range. Make sure you select the Lync Certified option when making your purchase.

Q. I need a headset for both telephone and PC calls, is this possible with the DW series?
Yes, the whole of the DW series has a Phone and PC configuration available.

Q. How do I switch between Phone and PC mode?
A. Simply push the PC or Phone button found in the centre of the base station

Q. The link between headset and base station cannot be established, what should I do?
If in Phone Mode : Check base station is connected to the mains, begin pairing process between headset and base station. If in PC Mode Check base station is connect to your PC via the USB cable, begin pairing process between headset and base station

Q. I prefer the 'Over The Ear' wearing style, is this an option with the DW series?
The DW10 Office is a convertible headset, meaning it can be worn either in the 'Over The Head' or 'Over the Ear'. The other DW versions do no support this feature

Q. What is the difference between the DW 20 Pro 1 and DW 30 Pro 2?
The DW 20 Pro 1 is a Monaural style headset and the DW 30 Pro 2 is a Binaural style headset. Other than this difference, they share all the same features.


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