Compatibility Guides

It is already a difficult enough task to decide which headset is right for you, so then having to decide how to connect it to your phone can be a daunting task.

With hundreds of different corded and cordless headset solutions for you to choose from, its important that you make sure your headset is compatible with your phone and you know what additional equipment it requires to run smoothly.

For example, wireless headsets might require an EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) to be able to answer call remotely while corded headsets may require a specific connection lead to work with a specific telephone.

Don't leave it to chance, avoid disappointment and delay by using our simple headset compatibility guides today.

Please select the compatibility guide that matches the manufacturer of your headset from the list below:

Jabra Compatibility Guide Plantronics Compatibility Guide Sennheiser Compatibility Guide Avalle Compatibility Guide