Monaural Headsets

Headset Buyers Guide Monaural headsets only have one earpiece. They are the alternative to the binaural headset and are useful for people who may have to hold conversations with people in their immediate vicinity while maintaining their headset conversation.

Monaural headsets such as the Avalle AV501N Monaural Professional Noise Cancelling Headset and the Plantronics HW251 Supraplus monaural Headset consist of a single earpiece that is worn with either a band that goes over or behind the head, or with an earloop to fit it snugly to your earlobe. The microphone is usually attached to the earpiece, Monaural headsets are almost always lighter that binaural headsets. This is one of their main advantages along with the fact that your other ear is available for people to talk into so that you need not remove the headset to have a conversation with someone in front of you. As a result of this advantage, monaural headsets can commonly be found in call centres where they benefit staff who wish to liaise with colleagues or trainers wishing to advise their trainees.

Things to Consider When Buying

Always ensure that the headset that you choose comes with the best range of features. Noise cancelling, a lightweight build, ergonomic design and adjustable controls for volume and tone are all features that can be offered with a monaural headset so be sure to compare different makes and models to find the ideal headset for your needs.