• Plantronics Business Headsets

    Headsets for Call Centres, Offices, Skype for Business and Unified Communications

  • Jabra Headsets

    Beautifully designed and innovative headsets from Jabra

  • Sennheiser Headsets

    Top Class Business and Call Centre Headsets

  • Peltor Ear Defenders

    Headsets for Industry, Shooting and Noisy Environments

  • Avalle Headsets

    UK Designed lightweight headsets for business

Best4Headsets - Business Headsets

At Best4Headsets we specialise in bringing you the latest in business headsets with a wide range of headsets from top manufacturers such as Plantronics, Sennheiser, Avalle, Jabra, Peltor, MSA and more.

These headsets allow communication in a vast range of business and work situations such as in the office, in a call centre, with Unified Communications and Skype for Business, on the road or even in heavy and noisy industrial situations such as drilling, transport or shooting.

Telephone headsets communicate over a range of media such as WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT or direct (QD, USB, Lead) connection and have a variety or wearing styles and functions - please feel free to contact us at any point in your search to use our knowledge base and resources to help you.


Business Headsets

All businesses need to communicate and the use of a good headset can massively increase productivity for anyone using the phone - be it via VoIP, Unified Communications, Skype for Business or with a mobile device. We have business headsets from all the top manufacturers including Sennheiser, Plantronics, Jabra and Avalle.

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Wireless Headsets

Wireless ( or cordless ) headsets give one the freedom to move around the office whilst on a phone call and cut down the build up of wires in an office. Also some models of headset can be connected to multiple devices concurrently via DECT or Bluetooth; giving added freedom to connect and talk in a UC environment.

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Corded Headsets

Traditionally headsets are connected via a cable to a phone or telephone system. Some headsets also use USB to connect directly to a PC or Unified Communications platform. Wired headsets are generally 'plug and play' meaning an easy deployment and will not require charging or batteries.

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Refurbished Headsets

We sell a great many refurbished headsets which have been professionally cleaned and restored and fully tested. They are then repackaged and sold with a one year warranty. This means a great saving for the purchaser as well as the environmentally friendly process of reusing goods that had been unwanted.

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Headsets by Industry

Many industries where there are loud or consistent noise levels will require the use of ear defenders to protect the hearing. Many of these also facilitate communications whilst delivering advanced ear protection. These are popular in construction, drilling, rail, sports and aviation environments.

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Shooting Headsets

The very short sharp and loud noise created whilst shooting can be very damaging to the hearing and all shooters, be they leisure, military or police are required to wear ear defenders whilst shooting. We stock ranges from Peltor and others to allow a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

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