DECT Headsets

Headset Buyers Guide DECT headsets are the wireless solution for the headset user who needs to roam from their workstation or desk while engaged in a call.

DECT technology works in the same way as cellular phones work but the range of a DECT handset is much more limited than that of a GSM cellular phone (typically, the range of a DECT phone is between 25m and 100m - the range of a GSM phone is up to 10km). The Headset work by receiving a digital radio signal from a base unit that is connected to the telephone line of phone exchange. Due to the digital enhancement of the signal, the quality of the sound can be as clear as that of a corded telephone signal. The obvious main advantage of DECT is that there is no need for wires and as such, the DECT headset user can roam from the locality of the base unit up to the effective range of the DECT headset.

Things to Consider When Buying

Make sure that the signal received in the headset is clear and understandable. It is important that you receive as high a quality of sound as possible. Check the effective range of the headset as well. Are you going to need a headset that produces a strong signal so you can move far from your desk? After you have considered these points, think about other basic aspects of the headset. Do you need a Monaural or Binaural headset? Do you want noise cancelling? Which style do you prefer - Over the head, Over the Ear, Behind the Head or In the ear? Be sure that the DECT headset you choose contains all the features you'll need.