DECT Headsets

Wireless DECT Headsets

DECT headsets are a wireless solution for users who need to roam their workspace or desk while engaged on a call. DECT headset have the same clarity as corded headsets and normally offer a wireless range of 150 foot / 50 metres, this can differ from manufacturer and should be checked before purchase.

Things to Consider

Remote operation

If you want to be able to answer and end calls by using the controls on the headset then you may require a EHS cable. Check the compatibility of your headset by using our Headset Compatibility Guide.

Monaural or Binaural

What type of headset best suit your requirements? Monaural Headsets are ideal for users who need to keep and ear free for communicating with colleagues. Binaural headsets are great for cutting out distracting background noise.

Wearing Style

Over-The-Head, Ear-Hook or Neckband. DECT headset are available in all of these wearing styles so consider which style would suit you best. The lighter the headset the better suited it will be for all day use.


  • Wireless freedom to roam workspace
  • Removes the requirement for connection leads
  • Most manufacturers offer wireless headsets


  • Must be charged or cannot be used
  • More expensive than corded options
  • EHS may be required depending on compatibility

Some DECT Headsets